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posted 7 years ago

A few months ago we heard about a book being released focused on the year-long "shopping sabbatical" of a former fashion journalist and we couldn't help but feel like we needed to get the inside scoop. Lucky for us, author and all around rad girl Sofia Hedström now lives in NY so we got the chance to hang out and get the deets on what prompted her step away from fashion consumption and how it influenced both her book and her lifestyle in general.

First of all, it's hard to imagine that the complete removal from our world of flash-sale-get-it-now-or-it's-gone consumption would be easy, but after watching the same trends cycle around season after season, Sofia needed a new challenge, so she decided that it would be taking a year off from shopping while still remaining in the fashion world. 

"The first three months were the harest," says Hedström. "You don't discover how addicted you are until you stop, but when you rely on buying new things you don't look at your closet the same way."

Sofia was forced to take a long look through her closet and think about every single piece she owned, if she needed it, if she loved it, and ultimately - how she could manipulate it and wear it in new ways. This lead her towards not only learning how to sew, but also forming more of an emotional attachement to the pieces she had, how she reworked them, and how she cared for them.

"You being to make a personal connection to what you own - who made it, where it was made, and under what conditions," she says. "Going through your wardrobe you really get to know yourself - you discover new sides. You also discover that you don't necessarily need to be an experience seamstress to make something."

This is where Fashion Manifesto (the book) was born. 

"I thought, how could we inspire people to look at shopping and consumption in new ways? So I started collecting ideas for how to remake your clothing." 

Buzz started to spread through word of mouth and as Sofia and photographer/friend Anna Sciori traveled through Sweden, Iceland and the US, they started to amass a list of people and techniques they knew they needed to share. 

"Iceland was very intriguing. There are no chain stores and they were in a massive recession, so it was difficult to get stuff there. And it's fairly isolated. I think when you're forced to deal with what you have, you become more creative," she says. 

The book was published this May and has been picking up steam ever since. 

"We don't want people to feel bad about fashion and consumption, or stop caring all together. We just want to open their eyes and empower them, let them know they actually have a choice and that you can still be creative!"

We couldn't agree more which is why we've paired up with the amazing Fashion Manifesto girls on a Fall Wardrobe Remake Challenge on Kollabora! Get all the details on how you could get your hands on 1 of 3 copies of the book, plus a great Kollabora supply stash that will have all your DIY needs covered! 

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