Meet the Maker: Advice For Starting Your Own Business
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posted 4 years ago

If you've been toying with the idea of starting your own business, this might just be the year to put your plan into action! Not sure where to start? We've got more than a few successful ladies on Kollabora who have been more than happy to share their best business advice, including what to, and what not to, expect!

"Book time with your local librarian, or a University library near you! There are many resources open to the general public and they can put you in touch with the right people." -Erica, thehandmadewardrobe

"Be prepared to never have enough money on hand and being unfairly criticized." -Linda, The Sewing Workshop

"JUST DO IT (in the words of Nike). And DONT GIVE UP. If you’re really passionate about this, do it and keep on doing it." -Hadassa

"Businesses aren’t successful overnight and there is a lot to learn, especially if you are self-taught. But as hard as it may seem, if you love what you do, don’t give up!" -Trish Stitched

"Do it all until you find out what you love." -Shelly, Coral & Co.

"Each brand is different and there is no formula, you have to get yours." -Lalala Toys

"Start now. New ideas don’t last long. Someone will either copy it or think of it themselves. If you have an idea you have to more forward with fierceness. Starting now means starting small which means you can reduce your risk. It forces you to learn how to make it work with less money and to learn that done is better than perfection." -Natasha Estrada

"Keep up your work, ask for advice if you don’t know how to do something and don’t lose the goal out of your sight." -Magdalena Langa

"Focus in your own creativity and explore your style. It is cool to find inspiration in others but it is vital to know exactly who you are as designer / artist in order to  captivate other people’s attention. Don’t stop learning." -Jenn From the Sun and the Turtle

"It’s a Get Rich Really Really Slowly scheme." -Steph, Eli Monster

"Small business owners love to help one another because we’ve all had help before and are willing to help the next wave of entrepreneurs. Learn from our mistakes." -Erin, Brooklyn Pattern Company

"It can be scary to make the leap... what if people don't respond well, or what if it doesn't take off right away? You'll just never know unless you start." -Sarah, Ohhh Lulu

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