Meet the Maker: Esther (aka: Lunik)
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posted 4 years ago

My name is Esther, You maybe know me as Lunik or Lunik.Labo on instagram. My DIY weapon is mostly sewing machine.

When I am looking for inspiration I like finding pictures: Costumes Photography, Fashion designers...Pinterest is a great images sources. Also, I look in old magazines from the 90’s that I still have, pattern books. Watching artist work inspire me too: textile designers, graphic printers, etc...

After a long day of making things I like to drink a hot tea with a slice of lemon, and if it’s sunny and warm enough I go for a sit in the garden. I love feeling the sun's rays, hearing birds songs and watching the garden changing.

I got started making when my mother tried to teach me knitting at 6, then I tried embroidery at 13 years old, then I started to sew at 17 years old. I made lots of unfinished experiences but at least I finished and wear some of my me-made garnement!

The one thing that drives my creativity is a detail that comes out of my brain. I sketch it and then I start to imagine all the process to get my idea done. It can takes me days, months or year....

When I think about a new project I am between excitement and indecision. It takes me time to make my choice and finally to start. I always try to visualize the project, the different stages, etc. finding the right fabric takes me long time too.

I don’t have advice to give really to anyone who wants to start their business, but I can just tell how it happened and how it is for the moment...

Years ago , my companion and I imaginated Lunik. We wanted our craft business. I was stressed and unhappy in my daily job. One day, as I was cleaning our windows (well..), I remember that I used to be a seamstress for smalls theater companies in a another time. Few month later I quit my job and started Lunik’s adventure. For the moment, it’s more a laboratory. I do have a part-time job outside, but have more time to sew. I discovered two years ago PDF patterns and I started to test patterns for independent designers. First it was more to make clothes for my girls with others styles than mine. But now I would really like to open my shop and sell clothes with a mixed combination between pattern made by all the sweet designers I’ve met during the test phases and my own patterns. And also, behind the scene there are many others projects waiting…

If I wasn’t a seamstress I would be an Archeologist. Childhood dream.

The first thing I do when I wake up is (drink) a big coffee!

The movie/ that can cheer me out of any bad mood is It’s a Wonderful Life by Frank Capra.

My favorite word is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (jock!) … I think it’s the word delighted, when you say it you can feel it.

My least favorite word is rush. It paralyse my creativity...

Making makes me feel like I’m growing up a little everyday. I think it’s the power of making.

I get out of a creative rut by doing something different going for a walk or reading a book (science fiction or fantasy) can be a solution. But sometimes I need to stay away from any creativity stuff for days. It can be really painful. Having a good moment with friends, with creative friends, can be a real booster.

I most relate to my little tribe. They supporting me so much! And they such creative and they give very good advices!

My favorite artists/designers/makers are William Morris (I was very impressed by his work and ideas. The XXth centuries designers and artists movement like the Bauhaus and the Russian constructivist has marked me a lot too.) For clothes it is more designers from the 90’s like Alexander McQueen, Martin Margiela, Yohji Yamamoto, etc...

My favorite thing about making is bringing life to a three dimensional finished garment by a two dimensional pattern and flat fabric. And learning new things and skills all the time.

It is a strange thing to still want making things by hands for others, for us. To bring a personal and creative touch into a standardized, uniform, and consumerist world. This is a form of positive resistance in a way.

The first thing I made was a jacket! I was a teenager and the prospect of doing my own clothes and having my own style seduced me a lot! I remember my father helped me to enlarge the pattern. My mother helped me to buy, cut and sew the fabric. I never finished it because we couldn’t understand the collar explanations… Internet was not alive at that moment!

The most influential thing in my life is my family environment. Between a rather rural French family turned towards cooking, gardening but also books, and an urban Scottish workers family with pronounced tastes for all artistic stuff. I think that in adolescence it was the Scottish side that attracted me most. Perhaps it was because it was far, different and exotic(accent!)... In any case when my mother's brother came out of art school of Liverpool I decided that I would do an artistic job! Yes! Well, I found that being a crafter was a good compromise :)

My favorite thing to do on the weekend is when, with my family, we all go in the car to an unknown place for the day. I love when we have a long walks all together.

I can’t get enough time. I am a slow person and it’s hard to live where everything is done in a hurry.

Three words that describe me: curious, hesitant, persevering.

Three words that describe my work: (less is more!) simplicity, details, conscientious.

Best creative advice I ever received is from my best sewing teacher: The importance is where the needle stitches.... Those simple words changed my way of sewing and helps me to focus on my work.

I never leave the house without my keys

I wish I could travel and stay for a while in many countries. I would start with Ireland.

The best spots in my city are on the seashore. I live on the north-western part of France. Here the coast is dramatic, the best is the sky after the fury of the storm! But we really appreciate when the sun shines without wind: we can enjoy the white sand beaches and incredibly transparent (fresh) sea.

My DIY secret weapon is my scissors. I cut, turn the fabric on the other side (collar),  hold the fabric under the machine when I sew and flatten the seams ...

The biggest DIY mistake I ever made was when I cut the two same pieces of a front jacket and sewed beautiful welt pockets on them. Sigh!

My next project is the Morocco trousers from petitapetitandfamily patterns.

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