Meet the Maker: Shelly from Coral + Co.
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posted 5 years ago

My name is Shelly Morgan but you may know me as the maker behind Coral + co., where myself and longtime friend Jennie write about making and what inspires us.

My DIY weapons of choice are needle, thread, and fabric. But I also have to include a camera in there because often the feel that I want from a picture influences the creative path I take.

When I am looking for inspiration I usually turn to Pinterest.  Often I start off with one idea and then it leads me to another and often times to something that is completely unrelated.  After reimagining the idea I started out with I am inspired to create using elements that I would not have thought would go together.

After a long day of creating I like to zone out on Game of Thrones or get outside with my family.

I got started creating when I was a kid.  My grandmother taught me to sew a pair of barbie doll pants when I was six and I never looked back.  I was given a sewing machine when I was 9 and I was constantly making outfits for my dolls.  I really had no idea what I was doing, but it didn't matter.  I just loved it.

One thing that drives my creativity is the process of creating.  By watching a thought in your mind come to life through your hands.

When I think about starting a new project I usually think about color.  I am constantly inspired by the way a mood can come to life through color.

If I wasn't currently a maker/blogger I would love to be a teacher!

The best part about running my own business is that I get to be creative director!

I actually started my business by making baby blankets.  And then it progressed from there.

When I think about people making using my patterns and tutorials I get really excited over what they might make!

My advice for people starting their own business is to do it all until you find out what you love.

The most important thing I learned from my own business is to let yourself evolve.  Don't keep yourself pigeonholed because you think you have to.

When I was a kid I wanted to be a seismologist!  

The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is (gah) check my email.  A habit I really need to change.

My favorite word is totally.  Haha.  I say it waaaay to much!

Making makes me feel peaceful  I guess its kind of like meditation for me.  I like to get lost in the process.

I get out of a creative rut by getting out of the studio and off the computer.  It helps me overcome that burned out feeling.

I most relate to Artists.  I am terrible at deadlines and anything that is inflexible.  I am definitely emotionally driven when it comes to work

My favorite designers are Sarah Jane, Tasha Noel, and Elizabeth Olwen.  Some of my favorite makers are the ladies over at Simple Simon, Red Pepper Quilts, Clover and Violet, Stacy Olson Design, and Jess from Craftiness is not Optional.  Lately I have been following a lot of quilters.

My favorite thing about making is the endless possibilities.

To me DIY means that there is emotion tied to the creation of what you are making.

I can't get enough of the show "The Americans".  I am obsessed.

Three words that describe me are passionate, creative, and spacey.  Haha.

Three words that describe my work are fun, colorful, and happy!

Best creative advice I ever received was from the book "Steal like an Artist".  It was incredibly freeing to realize its okay to do something that has been done before if you do you, because yours will always be different.
I never leave my house without my hair up!  I am a pony tail girl.  I hardly ever wear my hair down.  Probably comes from being a gymnast for years.

If I could live any other place it would be back home in California.

One fact about me that is embarrassingly awesome is that I am kind of a history/politics nerd.  

My DIY secret weapon is washaway wonder tape.  I use that for everything!

My biggest DIY mistake was ripping a hole in a dress that I had to photograph.  I definitely had to get creative with that one!  But I actually still like how the pictures came out!

My next project is a quilt I have been slow sewing for my youngest daughter,

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  • Jessica Gerblick Abbott commented 5 years ago

    Wash away  wonder tape, I LOVE that stuff!

  • Shelly commented 5 years ago

    Thank you so much for the feature!  It was so fun :)

  • Susie Clark commented 5 years ago

    so Cool you are! I'm the artsy fartsy type as well..... So I'll start joining you with what I work on - home sewing is my bag but, I need to get creative with my granddaughters who are 4. So here I go.... Onward! Thanks for the inspiration...❤️


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