My DIY Life: Sarah's Summer I-Cord Style
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posted 6 years ago

Summer knitting has become for me all about making little accessories. Something cute and light weight that I can throw into a little bag to work on by the pool and then wear without much thought or too many layers. It's lead to an obsession with i-cords. 

I-cords are really simple little tubes knit on two double pointed needles. It's a great intro to knitting in the round, but it's done the same way you'd knit flat, for lack of a better explanation. Named the "idiot cord" by Elizabeth Zimmerman, i-cords are easy as one, two, three. There are these little manually cranked "i-cord mill" machines but you don't need one of those to bust out a quick i-cord. They're anywhere between three and five stitches. The tube effect is made by sliding the stitches from the left end of the needle back to the right and knitting into the end of the row instead of the beginning. Here's a handy video from the East Side Knitter! 

Traditionally, they're used for ties and drawstrings, even edgings. Basically, anywhere you'd need a cord. But they are so quick to make (with yarn I've already got in my stash!), that I've been repurposing them into their own little pieces.

I've been using i-cords for all types of accessories. Check out my Janelle Monae-inspired i-cord bowtie. I love wearing lots of friendship bracelets and little leather bands on my wrists during the summer so I threw a colorful, striped one together to wear as a bracelet. And, I know it might be dorky but I'm determined to bring back croakies for sunglasses (Don't laugh!).

How will you be customizing your wardrobe with i-cords

Sarah Hurwitz is a full-time crafter and part-time filmmaker, moonlighting as a New Yorker, pop culture junkie, and incredibly unprofessional foodie.

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