Nora Meets the Maker: Laura Doty
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posted 7 years ago

As if being a professional figure skater wasn't enough, Laura Doty can now add knitwear pattern designer to her amazing pool of talents with the release of the Precip Hat Pattern on Kollabora! 

We love Laura's carefree spirit and fun aesthetic and can't wait to see what new patterns she creates in the future. And in the meantime we've got our needles and yarn ready to get started on our new favorite knit beanie!

My name is Laura Doty, but you maybe know me as Creating Laura and my DIY weapons of choice are an overflowing yarn stash, a plethora of needles, and my trusty pom pom makers.

When I am looking for inspiration I look to my cast mates. I’m lucky enough to work with an incredibly talented group of professional figure skaters, dancers, and singers who all wear the most effortlessly chic outfits.  I love everything about their leg warmers, scarves, shrugs, and slouchy t-shirts over leotards.

After a long day of making things I like to snuggle up with a book or a tv series (right now I’m really into Downton Abbey).

I got started making when I was in between ice shows 3 years ago and I decided to start a blog on a whim.  It was the best decision I’ve ever made, which is funny because it was also the least premeditated decision I’ve ever made.

When I think about starting a new project I draw pictures in my notebook and then scratch them out over and over again until I end up with something I’m happy with.

The best part about running my own business is having complete creative freedom.

My advice to anyone looking to start their own business is to make whatever you truly feel like making.  If you start making things for any other reason, your heart won’t be in it, and if your heart’s not in it there’s no point in having your own creative business at all.  At that point you may as well be an accountant.

If I wasn’t a knitting figure skater I would love to be a knitting writer.  No matter where my career path may take me, I’ll always be knitting.

The first thing I do when I wake up is find coffee.  Immediately.

The movie that can cheer me out of any bad mood is The Royal Tenenbaums

My favorite word is: scrumptious.

My least favorite word is: no.

My favorites are all of the up and coming bloggers who are full of great ideas and working hard to achieve their goals.  It’s such an inspiring community and I feel really lucky to be a part of it.

My favorite thing about making is wearing the things that I’ve made.  It makes me feel like a million bucks.

To me, DIY means making it work.  Looking at the materials you’ve got and seeing the potential for them to be something cooler.  I love the concept of DIY, which is why I still do projects like no-sew t-shirt redesigns on my blog in addition to my main love (knitting).

The first thing I made was a leg warmer that would probably be too big for an NBA player.  It was seriously huge.  I abandoned the project without making the second one.

Three words that describe me: scrappy (because my craft supplies and internet time are limited by my traveling show-skater lifestyle), contemplative (because my mind is usually pondering knitting math instead of focusing on the here and now), excited (because the world is an exciting place!).

Three words that describe my work: eclectic, cozy, contemporary

I never leave the house without my iPad mini.

If I could live in any other city it would be Utrecht, The Netherlands.  I’ve spent a lot of time there with ice shows and I’d love to have an excuse to go back.

One fact about me that’s embarrassingly awesome is that I’m a principal pair skater working for one of the best companies in the business, but I didn’t get here because I have some extraordinary talent that other skaters don’t have.  I simply kept at it and never quit.  It’s amazing how far you can go in life just by continuing to show up and work hard.

My DIY secret weapon is E6000.  It’s the best glue ever.

My next project is going to be another new pattern for sale.  I’m really excited about moving forward with knitwear design!  And I’m also thinking of signing up for a photography class.  Taking lovely photos is a huge part of blogging and I would love to continue to get better and better at it.

Make sure to follow Creating Laura and grab her fantastic Precip Hat pattern on the site right now!

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