Time to Wrap it Up
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posted 8 years ago

Hands up if you're done with your holiday shopping? Well done, we're jealous! Now make the most of the next few days by digging up any left over craft supplies from years past, or even an old shirt, for some magical, imaginative giftwrap making sessions. The messier you get the better it will turn out. Trust us, not only is it more cost effective, your giftwrap will look so sharp, it may outshine the gift! See below for a few of our favorites from our community and beyond. 


DIY Christmas Wrapping Ideas by Skye Pennant

Wrap It Up All Nice and Pretty by Luckypony

Stamped Gift Wrap by Melanie Blodgett

Wrap in a Shirt by Organizing Made Fun

Memorable Gift Wrap by Martha Stewart & Print On Fabric Holiday Gift Tags by Caytlyn

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