What You're Making: Yarn, Sans Needles by Kollabora Follow

posted 1 year ago

We love seeing you guys use traditional elements in unexpected ways, mixing up materials, and generally taking all of the "rules" and throwing them out the proverbial window. 

If you couldn't already tell - we really love knitting and we REALLY love yarn. But it's not always about actually knitting. There are tons of things you can do, make, and embellish with yarn that don't require any more skills than the amazing creativity you guys obviously already possess!

Check out a few recent member projects that caught our eye including Handmade Charlotte's Pom Pom Party Paper, Stephanie's Neon Wrap Bracelets, and Marusya's Color Block Headband. Grab some supplies and get inspired to start thinking outside the box (or needles...or machine....)

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  • Marusya Grace commented 1 year ago

    I love the wrap bracelets!