• Nora Meets the Maker: Anne W

    5 days ago
    She makes beautiful clothing for her two daughters and runs two awesome blogs - Anne W is seriously a sewing force to be reckoned with and we're wondering if we're too old to be adopted...My name is Anne, but you may know me as the blogger behind Mercury Handmade & Vintage Belle.  Yes... Read More
  • Nora Meets the Maker(s): Catching Up With Katy & Laney!

    2 weeks ago
    Since the first time we featured these awesomely talented ladies, both their skills and their business have grown, expanding into design with their first pattern - the Tap Shorts! It's always so exciting to watch the evolution of our members, whether they're just starting out making or trying to... Read More
  • Nora Meets the Maker: Joleen Kraft

    4 weeks ago
    A pattern designer and a self-taught taxidermist - Joleen Kraft, like her designs, is a cool mix of the traditional and the creative.
    Once she found what she loved doing, she went after it with everything she had and considering how much we love her patterns, we're really glad she did!My... Read More
  • Nora Meets the Maker: Francesca Stone

    1 month ago
    We were first introduced to Francesca Stone's amazing maker skills when she uploaded her first faux agate project to the site and she's been wowing us with her pieces ever since!From her beautiful jewelry to her easy-to-follow tutorials, we love Francesca's simple yet impactful aesthetic and her... Read More
  • Nora Meets the Maker: Tara-Lynn Morrison

    1 month ago
    With a fresh, modern approach to knitting, Tara-Lynn Morrison from Good Night, Day is spearheading an awesome new wave in unique, edgy pattern designs.From her focus on sustainablity to her honesty about owning and operating her own brand, Tara-Lynn is both a passionate designer and a level... Read More
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  • Nora Meets the Maker: Ruthy S

    2 months ago
    Scouring second hand stores for unique fabric and dreaming of running away to the Italian countryside to ponder new projects are just two of the reasons we want to be best friends with Ruthy S! Also, how great is it that her brother taught her how to crochet?! We're definitely inspired by... Read More
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  • Nora Meets the Maker: Susan Goodwin

    2 months ago
    Lingerie seems to be on everyone's sewing list these days and when it comes to undies our go to is Measure Twice Cut Once!
    Susan's no-nonsense designs and fun aesthetic make the idea of sewing up your own knickers much less intimidating and her dedication to sharing and enabling others to... Read More
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  • Nora Meets the Maker: Annie Coton

    3 months ago
    With an awesome pseudonym and an amazing handmade wardrobe, we're dubbing Annie our first "superhero seamstress"!
    Oh, not to mention the fact that she's building her own cutting table as we speak! Could she be any cooler/talented/inspiring?! We'd totally love to take the train and go couture... Read More
  • Nora Meets the Maker: Britt from Sneezerville

    3 months ago
    Whether she's knitting up some cozy armwarmers to stitching up a great new bag, Sneezerville designer Britt Schmiesing is an awesome maker-of-all-trades!
    Her approachable, organic asethetic is the sort of laid back cool we can't get enough of and her go-for-it attitude (who has time for... Read More
  • Nora Meets the Maker: Jessie Stern

    3 months ago
    We met the adorable Jessie from Dear Stella when we collaborated on project challenge using their beautiful quilting fabric and since then we've been totally crushing on her adorable projects and her infectionly sunny disposition!Whether she's knitting up the perfect pair of socks or stitching... Read More
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