• Sunday Playlist: Get Out of Town

    11 months ago
    Let's hear it for a 3-day weekend! Whether you're jumping on a plane, jumping in a car, or just happy to be jumping under your covers - take full advantage of your extra day off by popping our our latest Sunday Playlist and not being the least bit asamed that you can still belt out every... Read More
  • Sunday Playlist: Windows Down, Sunshine In

    12 months ago
    The one thing we miss about living in a "car town" is summer time drives with the windows down and the radio turn all the way up. Oh well, we guess we can just pop in our ear buds, close our eyes and pretend the L train is a convertible...Photo and dress above by the... Read More
  • Sunday Playlist: Sunshine and Springtime

    12 months ago
    We can't get enough of the sunny skies that have finally made their way to New York, which is why we're going to be spending our weekend with ALL the windows open and this playlist on blast while we work up a few in-progress projects. Photo and dress above by the talented Sown... Read More
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  • Sunday Playlist: Cooperating with Shannon Okey

    12 months ago
    We love Shannon Okey's committment to DIY. From creating her own patterns to starting her own publishing company, Shannon embodies everything we love about doing things yourself. Influenced by the  90s Riot Grrrl and DIY music movements, Shannon's playlist is an ode to her favorites... Read More
  • Sunday Playlist: Putting the "IT" in Knitting

    13 months ago
    Monday thru Friday Melanie Berg is an IT specialist in Germany, but we knitting addicts know her better in  her "second life" career as pattern designer Mairlynd. Check out her edition of the Sunday Playlist and get inspired to grab your yarns, needles and a fantastic Mairlynd... Read More
  • Sunday Playlist: With (Mary) Grace

    1 year ago
    A talented girl who is obviously a major Springsteen fan? Mary Grace Godfrey is a designer after our own hearts! Check out her addition of our Sunday Playlist series and follow her Kollabora page to stay up on all of her projects. 
  • Sunday Playlist: Fabric Paper Tunes with Mandy Pellegrin!

    1 year ago
    Whether she's whipping up a fantastic new bag, or creating some of her seriously cool home dec pieces, we can't get enough of the DIY stylings of Mandy Pellegrin. Toss in her edition of our weekly Sunday Playlist, and it's safe to say our girl crush radar is in total overdrive! 
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  • Sunday Playlist: Miss Linds' Straight Chillin

    1 year ago
    It's been a hectic couple of weeks, whew! Doesn't seem to be letting up anytime soon, but I'm taking a much needed Sunday in bed hanging out with my knitting and some reruns of Law & Order: SVU. In between Benson and Stabler making the ficitonal streets of NY safer, I'll... Read More
  • Sunday Playlist: Love Forever Tunes

    1 year ago
    Last day of the weekend - make the most out of your precious DIY time by popping on Kayte Terry's excellent Sunday Playlist and getting some serious making done before Monday rears it's ugly head. 
  • Sunday Playlist: Threaded with Haylee Atkinson

    1 year ago
    As talented as she is adorable, Haylee Atkinson has some serious DIY skills and we have been continually wowed by her beautiful sewing projects. Somehow this busy college student finds time to whip up some seriously gorgeous little dresses and tops, and she also found some time to pull together... Read More
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