• Sock Knitting: Magic Loop vs. Double Pointed Needles

    13 months ago
    This post comes courtesy of our fearless Hermione Sock-Along leader and all-around rad knitting blogger, Sarah from KnitYorkCity! Before you begin knitting socks, you're going to have to choose if you want to knit with circular or double pointed needles. The two techniques provide the same... Read More
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  • My DIY Life: Using Your Stash Yarn with We Are Knitters!

    1 year ago
    Hi knitters!Sometimes when you finish knitting your WE ARE KNITTERS projects you will have some wool unused and maybe you don't know what to do with it. Don't panic! Here you have some ideas to achieve a complete DIY look.Today we share with you this WAK Shirt Collar you can wear with... Read More
  • My DIY Life: Partying with Limberlina

    1 year ago
    What is a DIY craft party?The rise of DIY has been gaining momentum over the past couple of years - if you need proof look no further than the abundance of DIY weddings, blogs and startups. Now it seems the latest iteration of the trend is DIY parties or ‘Par-DIYs’. Getting together... Read More
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  • My DIY Life: Sarah's Summer I-Cord Style

    1 year ago
    Summer knitting has become for me all about making little accessories. Something cute and light weight that I can throw into a little bag to work on by the pool and then wear without much thought or too many layers. It's lead to an obsession with i-cords. I-cords are really simple... Read More
  • My Me Made May - SownBrooklyn

    1 year ago
    So. You know that it’s Me-Made May? Right? I’m sure you all know what that is. But just in case you don’t its brilliant creator, Zoe, of the blog So Zo…What do you know?, explains it to you right here. Isn't it an inspired idea!?!?This is my first time participating... Read More
  • Collaborative Crafting in Peru: Annie and Justa's Project

    1 year ago
    I’ve been a craft enthusiast ever since I learned about the renegade quilters of Gees Bend and how wonderfully dynamic this medium is.  I love that craft can push aesthetic boundaries while still being accessible to anyone with an idea, creative ingenuity, and patience. ... Read More
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  • Bergère de France Giveaway From Hot Pocket of Delight!

    1 year ago
    Our girl fruitylily (aka: Lily) from the site Hot Pocket of Delight is hosting an awesome giveaway with Bergère de France on her blog from now until the February 28th. Open to the US, UK, and France, 10 total winners will be chosen and score the following... Read More
  • Wardrobe Update: Sweater Upcycling with KnitYorkCity!

    2 years ago
    Sarah Hurwitz, the talented lady behind Knit York City, is one of our fave knitting bloggers and needless to say there is always a collective of ooo's and ahhhh's around the office whenever she posts a new project to the site.  In her inaugural post as one of our first guest... Read More
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