• Top 10 Projects: November 2015

    15 hours ago
    Our makers have been busy again this month. As fall is coming we see many jackets to stay warm and chic dresses for Holiday parties. Take a look and post your latest projects! Here's a round up this months most popular member makes.  1. Sydney Jacket by Ingrid.Read More
  • Make The Trend: Advent Calender + Exciting Things To Come in December!

    6 days ago
    It's that time of the year again. Get ready to count down to the holidays with a fun DIY advent calendar. What a better time than the Thanksgiving weekend. Check out also our Winter Wonderland collection for more Holiday projects.  And we also want to tell you that great things are... Read More
  • New Feature: How Many Views Did Your Projects Get?

    7 days ago
    We launched a new feature! Now you can see all the views your projects had so far. You find it on the right side of your project under the social media share buttons. Only owners of the content can see the views of their projects. It is cumulative and updated once per day, which means the number... Read More
  • Meet The Maker: Tanya From Little Things Blogged

    7 days ago
    My name is Tanya, but you maybe know me as Little Things Blogged, and my DIY weapons of choice are crochet hooks and knitting needles.I got started making when I was looking for an outlet after long working hours. I've been crocheting for about 5 years now, I only learned how to knit a... Read More
  • Make The Trend: Get Hooked On Crochet

    7 days ago
    This week we are all about crocheting. Isn't it amazing what you can make with just one little hook and yarn? Our fabulous community projects certainly prove that.  If you are new to crochet, go to our Crochet Skillset to learn the basics. With just few simple stitches you can... Read More
  • Meet The Maker: Alberto From We Are Knitters

    3 weeks ago
    My name is  Alberto Bravo, you may know me from WE ARE KNITTERS. My DIY weapons of choice are knitting needles.
    I started making when I went to NYC 6 years ago and saw all the yarn stores in the Soho area. We loved all the colors of the yarns. We came back to Spain... Read More
  • Make The Trend: Sweatshirts (and Hoodies) are F****** Important

    3 weeks ago
    Kanye West knows: "Sweatshirts are f***ing important." So we're taking this seriously and getting down to business! With a little spin you can turn your everyday garment from gym or stay-at-home wear into party ready. To get you making, we put some cool inspiration into... Read More
  • Join Our Wire Wrapping Ring Workshop in NYC

    3 weeks ago
    Join us for a fun evening and take part in our easy jewelry workshop in NYC. Acquire a new skill with the quidance of our very own jewelry expert Lindsey Ibarra. Learn how to make beautiful wire wrapping jewelry, and get to know more makers.You will learn how to:Measure for your ring... Read More
  • Meet The Maker: Jennifer Ramirez of The Sun and the Turtle

    4 weeks ago
    It's amigurumi week and we want you to meet Jennifer from The Sun and the Turtle. Learn how amigurumi gave her a way to create and express herself when she was suffering form a cultural shock of moving to dark and cold Finland. My name is Jennifer Ramirez, but you maybe know me as The Sun... Read More
  • What is Amigurumi?

    4 weeks ago
    You know those super cute yarn creatures you keep seeing across the internet? That's Amigurumi! We're totally smitten with these tiny creatures and want to learn how to make our own, so we're putting together everyting you'd need to get started.In case you're curious, arimurumi is... Read More

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