FAQ for Vendors

Someone said I should sell my patterns on Kollabora but I don't know what it is! Tell me more?

Hi! Kollabora is a new kind of community website for makers. Every day, thousands of crafters and DIY enthusiasts of all skill levels visit Kollabora to get inspired, share projects, buy and sell PDF patterns, and connect with each other and their favorite brands. 

Who can sell patterns on Kollabora?

We are a viable marketplace for carefully select pattern vendors – we are especially looking for on-trend, fashionable patterns from new, up-and-coming designers! We support our pattern sellers with special promotion in our newsletter, blog, and social media.

Think you fit the bill? Do you have beautiful photos, an awesome website, and clear, easy-to-read patterns? If you’d like to be a part of our marketplace, we want to hear from you! partners@kollabora.com

I have more than one brand. How can I set up a brand page for each?

Right now, users can only have one brand page at a time. If you sell patterns under two different brands, consider having a business partner or trusted employee to set up the second brand page.

What kinds of documents can I upload to Kollabora? Is there a file size limit?

You can upload PDF documents or zip files to Kollabora. For best usability we recommend that you keep the size of your files under 10 mb.

Can I link to a pattern outside of Kollabora?

If you start a brand page on Kollabora, all patterns must be uploaded to Kollabora.

How will I be paid?

All payments will be delivered via Paypal.

When will I be paid?

If your total earnings are more than $100.00 USD in any given month, you will be paid at the end of that month. 

If your total earnings are less than $100.00, your balance will roll over and you will be paid at the end of the month that your earnings reach $100.00 (for example, if you earn $50.00 in January and $50.00 in February, you will be paid $100.00 on February 28). 

If your earnings remain below $100.00, you will be paid quarterly – at the end of either March, June, September, or December. 

For more information, please read the “Payments & Billing” section of our Vendor Terms of Service.

How do pattern downloads work? Are users able to access their patterns in a library?

Yes, our users are able to re-download patterns they have purchased if they are logged in to their Kollabora account.

What kinds of fees does Kollabora charge?

There is no fee to upload patterns to Kollabora, but we charge a 20% commission on each completed pattern purchase.

Who has rights to patterns sold on Kollabora?

You retain the rights for all patterns uploaded to Kollabora. Under no circumstances will Kollabora redistribute patterns without your permission.

I'd like to run a Make-Along! How can I do this on Kollabora? 

That's awesome! Anybody can lead a Make-Along on Kollabora - all you have to do is upload a project to your page detailing the step-by-step instructions for the pattern you've picked. Check out the amazing Scout Tee Sew-Along by SownBrooklyn for an example of what a Make-Along on Kollabora looks like. Don't forget to tell your friends and followers about your timeline so they can also sign up and participate! 

Can I sell patterns on Kollabora that I have also uploaded to other sites (Etsy, Craftsy, etc.)?


I have a question that isn't covered here.

No worries! Email us at partners@kollabora.com and we'll help you out.


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