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Crowd Pleaser

Create great projects and feel the love. Be everyone's favorite.

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Collector's Item

Share the projects the community wants to make. They'll put them on their wish-lists. 

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Share your creations with the community. The more the merrier.

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Contribute a popular project or pattern, if the community loves it they might just remake it. Or lead a Make-Along.

Remade Project
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Create great projects, grow your community status, and gain more followers. Your stuff will show up in their feed.

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Project Showcases

Our editorial team loves recognizing and rewarding standout projects through our project showcases. If you’d like to be featured, here's a tip: be sure to include fun, high-quality photos that capture your creative adventure.


If you created your project as part of a contest entry on our site, we’ll include it in the Contest showcase.


If you created your project as part of a Make-Along, we’ll include it in the Make-Along showcase.

PDF Pattern

Projects in the PDF Pattern showcase were created using patterns that are available in our marketplace.

Quick n’ Easy

Browse through the Quick n’ Easy showcase for projects that you can do in less than a day!


Superstar projects are projects that go the extra mile – either in creativity or styling and execution.


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