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  • eric commented 4 years ago

    Hello ; 

    Is there any way to order one jacket from you ...it s for a big surprise 


    Travee replied 4 years ago
  • charrieka commented 4 years ago

    This is absolutly breath taken. Im having a surprise birthdy party for my husband and cousin in Feb. and its an 80's theme. and i want to dress as salt n pepa and i was trying to fig out is there any way i could make or buy this jacket and i came across yours. omg im sooooo stuned at how much this jacket loooooks just like the one they had on. like im still picking my mouth off the floor. this is so amazing. I'm breath taken. now i have a question for you. Have you ever wanted to make another one for someone else. LOL. because im afraid that i just wont be able to pull this off, but i know that i want to look really really good and i want to look the best, of course not better than my husband lol but i want to look the part. have you ever thought about saling yours.? i would love to buy it. 

    . replied 4 years ago

    Thanks so much for your kind words! I'm afraid I'm not in the market for making a jacket to sell, though. I also love my jacket and I'm keeping it for future theme parties/Halloweens. :) Best of luck with your costume! That sounds like a fun party theme.

    Travee replied 4 years ago
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