30 Year Queen Size Hexagon Quilt
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I've been working for years on piecing this quilt. Looking back, I don't know why I decided to choose such a time-consuming pattern for a queen size quilt (also my first attempt at piecing).


  • Some of the fabrics I'm using were purchased specially for the project. Some came from old clothes: a maternity shirt of my mother's, one of my dad's old button-down shirts, and an Easter dress of mine from when I was little.

    Shoeboxes of hexagons basted to paper

    4 years ago
  • Planning this quilt was rather involved. 

    I used hexagon graph paper to scale for the dimensions of a queen size quilt and established the number of the desrired size of hexagons I would need. 

    Based on the amount of fabric I already had at that point in the process I extrapolated how much I needed of each of the various fabrics and how many additional yards of fabrics I needed.

    When I had cut up all of the fabric into rectangles and basted them to paper hexagons, I figured out how I would break up the piecing of the quilt into manageable portions and calculated how many of each fabric would be included in each shape to insure even distribution of each fabric throughout the quilt.

    [Graph-paper diagram is landscape though the orientation of the quilt is actually portrait.]

    Tracking my progress

    4 years ago
  • The quickest method for piecing is to create a strip of hexagons and then to sew the zig-zag seams in between strips second. The strips can be made fairly quickly by allowing for two flaps on either end of a hexagon and to sew that as a seam with seam allowance, backstitching to make the seam secure. The zig-zag seams between strips are finely whipstitched, catching only a couple threads from each of two hexagons at a time so that the seam is invisble from the right side of the quilt top.

    As shown in the above graph paper diagram, I piece 49-hexagon diamond shapes for the most part and will be filling in the edges of the quilt with triangles.

    Partial diamond, piecing in progress

    4 years ago
  • The English paper piecing method for hexagons is done with hand-sewing, so the piecing of this quilt has been extremely slow-going. As a result, I've been working on it off and on for a couple of years and I haven't gotten very far, hence the name "30 Year Quilt." (Though I hope I have the wherewithal to finish it in much less than thirty years...)

    In progress...

    4 years ago

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