5 Clever DIY Home Refurbishment Projects
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Whether you have just moved into a new home, or you have lived in your home forever, there comes a time when you want to add your own personalized touch to your home. Hiring painters and construction workers or buying brand new furniture and fixtures can be expensive. The answer is simple - DIY refurbishment projects! You can complete the work on your own schedule, not someone else's, you can save money and learn new skills. Of course, you have to start with a full house cleaning so that you can make space for all the materials you will be bringing in and do all the de-cluttering you can to make for an easier job. Call a local cleaning company and have it do a quick property cleaning, otherwise you will risk over-cluttering the home even before the project begins. Also, you never know what you will find during the cleaning services – some of the items might actually come in handy!

1. Frame your bathroom mirror. New mirrors are expensive. The larger the mirror, the more expensive it is. Create your own wooden mirror frame, or create a glass tile collage frame to take the place of an existing one or to add one where there isn't. This can add a touch of character to the room, even if it's the only update you add.

2. Refurbish an old dresser or night stand. Rather than purchasing all new bedroom furniture, give some life and colour to the old furniture. All it takes is some sand paper or sand block, stain or paint, and a little time and patience. You can purchase inexpensive knobs and hardware for the drawers. Or, you can spray paint the old ones and reuse them.

3. Want to buy a new couch but can't afford one? Reupholster your old one. Make sure the fabric you use is sturdy and tough enough to be used on a couch.

4. Take some old pallets you may have lying around and turn them into a nice outdoor patio set. You can create a pallet table, bench or chairs to lounge in outside.

5. Take the knobs off an old door, build a frame and you have a large dining room table. Yes, knobs have more than one purpose.

Before calling a reliable domestic cleaning company for large throrough cleaning projects, consider going through the collection for items you can use to refurbish your home.

Use your imagination – that is the key to all DIY projects. If you apply that properly, you will see no troubles in doing a proper job.


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