All Tied Up Crochet Bow Tie Necklace
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Who says bow ties are only for the boys? We whipped up our own adorable version using Kollabora's super-soft Like a Rolling Stone yarn for a sweet little necklace that goes just as well with your basic tees and is does with a killer LBD. Check the instructions and see how quick and easy it is to crochet your own!



Cast On for Bow

Using the chain stitch, cast on 23 stitches or the equivalent of 5". 

Double Crochet for Bow

Using the double crochet technique, continue to crochet 8 rows, or the equivalent of 2 1/2". 

Creating Tie

To create the tie, repeat steps 1 and 2 (casting on and double crochet) only this time you will cast on 6 stitches and double crochet for 9 rows. 

Stitch your tie together on the wrong side using yarn or embroidery floss, then slide the tie to the middle of the crochet bow.

Assemble Necklace

Cut two pieces of chain measuring between 8-9" depending on your preference. Using a 4mm jump ring, attach the chain to the bow tie by sliding the jump ring through one of the stiches at the corner of the bow tie as well as through the link in the chain. 

Close your jump ring and repeat this step on the opposite side of the bow tie with your second piece of chain. 

Attach Clasp and Catch

Attach your clasp at catch at the other end of both pieces of chain using two additional 4mm jump rings. 

Discussion 6

  • Gigi commented 6 years ago

    Love this I want to make it for my outfit this weekend!

  • Rachel commented 6 years ago

    Idea: Black tie, gold chain, and gold pyramid studs on the corners and on the it!

  • Nora commented 6 years ago

    Super cute! And I like the sparkly idea. Maybe I'll make one for New Year's.

  • Andrea Giattini commented 6 years ago

    Too cute!  I've got to crochet me a sparkly one!

  • Sew4my3 commented 6 years ago

    I'm a HUGE 'Dr. Who' Fan and would love to try wearing a bow tie.. I just don't want to look to much like a guy or to dorky! This necklace is a wonderful alternative! I love it!

  • sally commented 6 years ago

    This is so fun and unexpected. Want!

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