Amigurumi Elephant (Free)
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​This amigurumi elephant is 3 1/2" x 3" x 2 5/8". You need to be able to ch, sc, and sc2tog. It's ok if you can't do a Magic Circle. I don't use the Magic Circle, I just ch2, and put however many sts I need in the first ch. ALL OF YOU BEGINNERS: DO NOT FORGET SOME KIND OF STITCH MARKER! You can buy some at a craft store, or just use a small piece of different colored yarn. 


1. Magic Circle of 6sc (6sts)

2. *2sc in next st* around (12sts)

3. *1sc in next st, 2sc in next st* around (18sts)

4. *1sc in next 2sts, 2sc in next st* around (24sts)

5-10. *1sc in next st* around (24sts)

11. *1sc in next 2sts, sc2tog* around (18sts)

12. *1sc in next st, sc2tog* around (12sts)

STUFF! If you would like it squishy, add only a little bit. If you want it to not be squishy, then add a lot. Add and take away stuffing until you are satisfied.

​EYES! Add safety eyes, if using them. I'm cross stitching them on for my first one. You can also use beads, or buttons too. Put the stitch counter side on the bottom. 

13. sc2tog around (6sts)

14-19. *1sc in next st* around (6sts)

Slip stitch in the next st to end and sew up the start of the trunk and the end. If you would like the trunk to be posable, fold a pipe cleaner to the size of the trunk and put it in before closing it up. 


1. Magic Circle of 4sc (4sts)

2. *2sc in next st* around (8sts)

3-5. *1sc in next st* around (8sts)

Slip stitch in the next st to end.

STUFF! Stuff firmly. You do not want squishy legs! 

Stitch the leg to the body. You can stitch  legs in various positions, so be creative! 


1. Magic Circle of 6sc (6sts)

2. *2sc in next st* around (12sts)

DO NOT SLIP STITCH FOR THE EARS! Stitch the ear to the body.


Cut two pieces of yarn 5" long each. Tie both together in the middle. Braid three of the tails together, knot at the end. Tie the tail to the bottom of the elephant with the end that is not braided. Hide the end of the knot inside of the body. 


Thanks so much for doing this project. Comment if you liked it!



  • I am starting my project now. 

    4 years ago
  • Round 4

    4 years ago
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  • I'm done!

    4 years ago

Discussion 1

  • Grace Wells commented 4 years ago

    This was my first amigurumi elephant. I am hoping to make many more in many different sizes!


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