ARGO green goes outside

This jacket is made especially for the youngest daughter of one of my dear rowing friends. Her daughter is a first-year student in Wageningen and joined the Wageningense student rowing club ARGO. Members of this rowing club have to wear green jackets. Jackets are usually donated by the departing members to the new members. But this year there were more new members then departing member so not everybody could get a jacket.

She and her daughter tried to buy a jacket but unfortunately green isn’t a fashionable color. I was very honored when my friend asked me if I could make this jacket for her daughter. 

Now she had to choose a pattern. She went for this jacket from Knipmode nr. 10 2012.

The jacket I made has no pockets on the outside like the original jacket. Pockets on the outside aren’t allowed: those pockets are teared away by older members. It happened one of the new members: she had purchased a green jacket witch had a chest pocket. Because she has to wear this jacket on rowing events there must be a place for her mobile and money. I decided to make two pockets on the inside both can be closed with a button.

Her inauguration is on November 18. On the inside I made a label that refers to this occasion. The lining is chosen by her: she wanted a lining that really stood out.​

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