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This dress is a product of a little challenge that I came up with after exchanging some comments with mokosha.. She said that she has the same heart shaped buttons as the one I used for my Hong Kong Garden dress, but she never gets around to use them for something.. I’m familiar with that problem.. When I see cute buttons in a store I buy 10-15 of them, thinking I’ll use them at one point.. Usually, they just stay in a box.. I replied to her how it would be fun to challenge ourselves on making a piece of clothing starting with the buttons from our stashes.. The idea got stuck on my mind for a while.. I decided to take the challenge and find buttons, fabric and pattern combination..

The pattern is dress G from Stylish Dress Book – Clothing for everyday wear.. Instead of short sleeves, I made it with long ones (or better said ¾ ones)..  The bust darts I had to move 1.5cm down so the fit would look good.. This was my first time with sewing button loops and it was an easy thing to do.. After looking at the photos I noticed that the skirt is shorter than usual.. For now I’m going to leave it that way.. In the future, I could always add something to make it longer, or just wear it with leggings..

Red buttons are leftovers from another project.. They were perfect for a project with button loops, and I had only 5 of them left.. That’s why I went with dress G.. In my fabric stash I had a cotton blend fabric with snail print.. When I bought it I didn’t like very much the print and the color of the fabric.. I’m a bit bored of sewing blue clothes.. My friend and I noticed that (in our stores) most of the cute prints that we like are with blue background..  I’m really missing green and purple.. The drawstring I made with red cotton leftover fabric.. My first choice was light gray fabric, but I had only red that would go with the dress.. Red bow on the back reminds me of a cute Chardon skirt by emilie94410 :)

Mokosha liked this little challenge and I hope that we’ll soon see her creation :D

Behind the camera – my favorite sister Dina


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  • Susanne @ chezalouette commented 5 years ago

    Beautiful! I'm thinking about making this in blue, too - but with bicycles on it. Do you have any advice about choosing a size in Japanese patterns?

    Tea replied 5 years ago

    thanks :) I'm sure your dress with bicycles will be fun too :) all patterns from this book have a loose fit, so it's hard to go wrong with choosing a right size.. I followed table of measurements and everything fits nice.. only change I started making is moving bust darts 1 or 2 cm lower.. on my body it looks better that way..  

  • Margaret commented 5 years ago

    I love this dress, and the fabric print is lovely

    Tea replied 5 years ago

    thank you :) I'm glad you like it :)

  • Laurel commented 5 years ago

    Great dress! Love the snail print :)

    Tea replied 5 years ago

    thanks :)

  • mokosha commented 5 years ago

    jao, savrsena je! znam taj materijal sa puzicima.. i super mi je kako se dugmici isticu kao glavni detalj haljine! sad se moram uozbiljiti sa svojim delom challenga.. ja sam odvojila dugmice koje planiram da iskoristim, nadam se da cu za koji dan da ih prisijem na zavrsenu stvarcicu (sta god ta stvarcica ispadne na kraju, jos nisam sigurna hoce li biti haljina, bluza ili pantalone hehe, previse ideja po obicaj..)

    Tea replied 5 years ago

    hvala :) ovo su bile dve muve jednim udarcem!! iz nekog razloga ovaj mat mi se nije nesto mnogo svideo ali je iz onih dana kad u italtesu nije bilo nista zanimljivije, a ja morala da kupim novi komad.. sad ga ima u svetlosivoj varijanti i nekoj anemicnoj (verujem da je to greska u printu, tj nedostatak boje).. ne moras da zuris.. nek ti se lepo sloze kockice sta i kako treba da izgleda :) 

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