Bag inspired by Muhu Embroidery
by Ruthy S Follow

This is my first attempt to try some more serious embroidery. In Estonia we have this lovely Muhu Embroidery (please google it) and that's where my inspiration came. The mental strenght to do this came from the gorgeous Olga's wedding dress. If you haven't seen this yet, please do, because it is just gorgeous.

When it comes to this particular bag i'd say that the emboidery is far from good but good from afar, but dispite that I finished the bag, added some lace and my label inside. 

I'd really like to train my hand some more with these kinds of projects.

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  • Donna Ritchie commented 4 years ago

    Beautiful. I have been onlline shopping all week to find the perfect frame for the same exact purse. Great minds think alike! I'm going more for an antique frame, no chain, so I can't have the little chain attachments on it. I'm doing leather strap, wool body and very similar embroidery. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Ruthy S replied 4 years ago

    Oh, I'm excited about the finished bag of yours :) I hope you'll show it here!

  • kelerabeus commented 4 years ago

    Beautiful! I just googled Muhu and it looks so intricate, the way stitches create the ombre effect - amazing! I would sure love to learn this technique although I'm kinda intimidated, it seems hard. Kudos to you!

    Ruthy S replied 4 years ago

    I hope that muhu embroidery inspired you so much that you'll give it a try. I'm sure you can make it :)

  • Paivi Kankaro commented 4 years ago

    Absolutely gorgeous. Inspires me to try one!

    Ruthy S replied 4 years ago

    Thank you! 

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