I've wanted to take a stab at jewelry making for a while now. I've been collecting (i.e. spending too much $$ on) various beads, baubbles and chains without any idea of how to put them together. I saw the Dagger To Your Heart Ring in the fall and loved it, and after coming back to it decided wire wrapping seemed like a nice easy place to start in the jewelry world. I'll leave jump rings and all that until later. 

I got these pretty cool miss-shaped beads from Kollabora (I tried to link them as supplies but can't find them anymore) and after seeing them on a strand thought they looked pretty nifty wrapped around my finger, so I modified the Kollabora tutorial a bit. I used 20 gauge wire instead of 22, which my amature instincts thought was fine and seemed to turn out well. Only thing I found was that where I gripped the wire with my plyers, the silver coating rubbed off a bit leaving a coppery colour exposed. Maybe i'm using plyers that are to industrious, or maybe I was clamping to hard? 

Super easy, didn't take very long at all so i'd recommend it to other beginners - would make a nice gift for a friend! 

UPDATE 3 years on.

Recently rediscovered this ring and took some updated photos, it's still held together and I like the size/style, however the wire I used for the base shows wear. The silver coating has worn through to the copper underneath (which you can sort of see in photos). Lesson - next time I do this I will use better quality wire!!



This project is based on: Dagger to Your Heart Ring

Ring mandrel substitute

I didn't have a ring mandrel, so I improvised. I took a sharpie highlighter which is slightly cone shaped, and slid a ring on that fit the finger I wanted my new ring to fit. I then marked where the ring sat on the sharpie with duck tape (keepin' it classy) and continued along with the tutorial. 

Beads instead of a stone subsitute

The tutorial shows how to wrap a stone to your ring base, but I used a string of beads instead. I just made sure my string of beads was roughly the same size and the space between my wire wrapping, and then instead of wrapping the 24 gauge wire around a stone I threaded on my beads and secured them by wrapping the wire tighting around either side. 

Discussion 3

  • TheMissLinds commented 7 years ago

    great trick with using the highlighter in place of a ring mandrel! this turned out great. 

  • Max of Moxy Metals commented 7 years ago

    nice adaptation!  You really made it your own :)

    Tracing Threads replied 7 years ago

    Thank you!


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