Bedford was a nice, easy project to bring me back into the world of knitting. After analyzing my wardrobe over the past few months, I realized I was in serious need of some comfy, cozy pullovers in my wardrobe and this pullover fit the bill.

I only made a few fit modifications to the pattern. The body is knit 1" longer and I cast-on fewer stitches for the sleeves. Since I'm on the petite side, the cuff and muscle proportions need to be just right so I don't look overwhelmed by the sweater. I did make a silly mistake though that ended up with me re-knitting the yoke. When I modified the cuff CO numbers, I looked at the wrong set of final numbers for the muscle, therefore I ended up with 10 less stitches than I wanted. I didn't notice until I had BO for the neck and tried it on for the first time. It fit, but the upper raglan sleeve area was a little tight. Rip, rip, rip! I kept the smaller muscle (I have my limits) and reworked the decreases for the raglan. Perfect!

When knitting the sleeves, I also worked them inside out up to the join so I could knit in the round instead. I'm not a fan of working purl stitches in the round, especially since my purl stitches tend to be a little looser than my knits. Also, it's much faster! When I got to the yoke join, I just flipped each sleeve right side out and continued with purl stitches. Easy

My gauge was a little off from the pattern, but when I tried a smaller needle, the resulting stitch did not look nice and my gauge was too tight. A nice looking stitch was more important than getting gauge, so I went with it. I knit a large gauge swatch and wet blocked, but of course I forgot to take my pre-block gauge (shame on me!). I knit up the 34 1/2" size and ended up blocking it out to 36", which is about 3" of positive ease.  In this case, I wanted the body of the sweater to grow a bit, so all ended well.

I absolutely love my new sweater! It's been finished for a week and I think I've worn it three times already. Plus, heather grey goes with everything. Total win!



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  • Lola Del Rey commented 4 years ago

    youre going to have to teach me how to knit some time. this is gorgeous 

  • Sara Berkes commented 4 years ago

    This is so cute! I'm knitting the same one right now but mine's neon peach! Super excited about it—I'm almost done the second sleeve and almost into joining it all together. I never thought of knitting the sleeve instead of purling it though. That's really smart! My purl's aren't as nice as my knits so if I knit this one again I'll definitely do it. 

    Melissa W replied 4 years ago

    Thanks! Good luck with your neon peach version! It's a great sweater, I'm sure you'll love it and want to make another. :)


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