Beetlejuice Inspired Halloween Table
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Make a Halloween table inspired by the movie Beetlejuice using an old record player.  Watch the video tutorial here:


  • You'll need:
    Old record player
    Americana Gloss Enamels in Sand and Black
    Americana Acrylics in Black and Orange
    Thick wire
    Glass dishes
    Wire cutters
    Rubbing alcohol
    Manila folders

    7 years ago
  • Cut several layers of cardboard the size of your record player
    Cut a small hole in the center so it lays flat on your platter
    *This is your work surface
    Clean your glass dishes with alcohol
    Turn on the record player and draw a line on the cardboard so you can center the plate
    Tape it in place
    Turn on the record player and paint your stripes starting with the light colors first

    7 years ago
  • Bake twice at 350° for 30 minutes letting the oven cool in between baking times 

    7 years ago
  • Cut 4" x 4" squares out of a manila folder
    With the acrylic paint a large black circle with an orange center
    Trace and cut the flowers using my flower template
    Overlap the petals to create dimension and tape together
    Use heavy gage wire for the stems

    7 years ago
  • Flower template

    7 years ago

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