Black Crochet Poseidon Scarf
by Paivi Kankaro Follow

Easy, breezy, beautiful, Poseidon Scarf. And I love this project so much. It's crazy easy to make and provides such a powerful look.

It just took me a few hours watching TV and crocheting this project at the same time. Seriously, there is no excuse for anyone not to try this kit. You'll love it as much as I did. Promise.



Discussion 2

  • Maude commented 8 years ago

    When you follow the directions in the video you linked, it doesn't explain how to finish it. So how do you finish it? With a knot or ...? Thank you :)

    Paivi Kankaro replied 8 years ago

    Finishing is easy. Just cut the yarn and pull it trought the loop. That's it. Just like the last loop when you cast off.


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