Bleached Pants
by Simon Herzog Follow

This project is the result of a happy accident. I got some bleach on my pants while working on this shirt - very upsetting since it's one of my favorite pairs. On a whim I decided to make the best out of a bad situation and just bleach my pants as well. I used only slightly diluted bleach in a spray bottle and applied it to the pants from the top down. The spray bottle gave me much finer control than just dipping the garment in a bucket of bleach, and it allowed me to achieve the splattered-edge look I was going for. Now my pants have evolved from a basic wardrobe staple to a statement piece.

The not-so-happy ending of the story is that I had to borrow a tiny pair of jorts to wear home while my pants dried. 

Discussion 2

  • Izzy commented 8 years ago

    They turned out even better than I thought they would! :)

  • Nora commented 8 years ago

    Serendiptiy is how creativity is sparked, you embraced it, these are super cool pants.


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