boneyard shawl
by mokosha Follow

my boneyard turned out a bit wonky
as i had to switch to different needles halfway through it
(i was so impatient to start knitting
and used regular needles to start my shawl
because i did not own circular ones in right size..
and then i kept knitting with them
until there were too many stitches for them to hold, 
when i finally got circular needles.. 
but those i got were one size bigger)
wonky or not, i really love how it turned out
i like how simple it is
it drapes beautifully and is really warm
wool i used is 60% wool and 40% cotton
(white strand being wool, and deep purple one cotton)
i got big cone of it 
so there is enough left to make few more shawls and hats or even a sweater


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