This week has been the pits, I've caught a cold from The Englishman and we've both been ill since Sunday. The only brightside being at least we are both sick and gross together and it's not just one of us having to put up with the other being sick.

Naturally all my sewing plans have gone utterly out the window as I've been sleeping most days.
Yesterday I wanted to do something so I thought I would tackle a repair job that has been a long time waiting.

This is the top half of a Jin-bei set we bought on our last trip to Japan. Made from a yarn dyed Shijira fabric it is lightweight with a slight crinkle to the hand feel. The Englishman loves it as it's so lightweight perfect for wearing about the house in hot weather.
Sadly the back ripped and it got put aside to be fixed, then adopted by the cat as a sleeping mat and there it has been for way too long.

Using some scrap pieces of Japanese fabrics and a piece of Shibori scrap I had leftover from another project, I cut swatches to cover the holes.

Using a crochet thread I started stitching the swatches into place using a Sashiko style stitch.

I even did some horizontally just to see how it would look? And naturally the cat needed to come and inspect my work.

The finished repair.

Now how it looks as part of the overall garment.

Am so glad it could be salvaged and I'm slightly hoping it will tear somewhere else so I can add some more Boro repair to it.

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