Botanical Christmas lights
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To close this remarkable botanical year for me, I made for Christmas these Botanical Christmas lights with leaf shapes (Read more about the fun things that happened to me )


  • You need: LED light, three colors green paper, some red paper, glue stick, scissors and a hole puncher

    How to make the Botanical Christmas lights 
    - Cut for a leaf flower: three sheets of squared paper 10x10cm in different colors and fold in four

    - Cut from some scrap paper 3 leafs in three different sizes

    - Place a leaf in the folded corners, cut it, but make sure you don't cut through the folded corners, stay approximately 1 cm from it. Unfold and curl the leaves with scissors, be very gently

    - The middle sized leaf stays closed, first you cut small triangles on either side. Unfold and also gently curl

    - Punching out a red and green round, cut the red circle halfway

    - Now you're going to build the leaf flower: start with a green circle and glue from large to small. Let it dry and make in the middle a hole big enough to slide through the LED light. Slide the red circle over the leaf flower to fix the light

    6 years ago

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