Brisingamen No. One
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On a wonderful snowy day, Dagmar finally agreed to have her photo taken wearing this hat. We were on our way out to play in the snow, and she commented that the hat was comfortable and she wouldn’t take it off. Well, that’s a merino silk lining knit at a fine gauge showing its worth on a day with freezing temperatures!

My first attempt at a new design, it turned out too small for me. But it fits Dagmar at almost 7 and she loves it.

Next attempt will fit ME. It’ll be wider and longer to make the hat a bit slouchy.

I feel good about the main part of this design, though. I used a double provisional cast on to make a hem and line the entire hat with silk merino, so it shows the lace on the outside but is very soft inside, and warm too.

Anyone interested in testing the pattern when the time comes can comment below.

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