Broken Toy
by Tea Follow

♫ ♪ Broken Toy

While going through my winter wardrobe I’ve noticed that most of my sweaters are gray and black.. That’s why I wanted to make a skirt in brighter color.. I went to the fabric store to find a piece of wool in remnant bin, and the only one I’ve found was this pinkish coral.. Of course, I couldn’t resist when I saw this light gray wool and bought it too.. While looking these two fabrics together I got the idea to make a long sleeve top that would go with the skirt.. That’s how this project started.. 

For top I used Plantain t-shirt pattern, and for the skirt pattern #118 from Burda 05/2012.. You can read more on my blog.. 

Behind the camera - my favorite sister Dina :)


Discussion 2

  • Anne Mende / Pumora commented 6 years ago

    The scallopped edge is worked so neatly, nice work! It looks great on you :)

    Tea replied 6 years ago

    thanks :) it was easy to make them neat.. wool is on the right side of the top and I used polyester lining for the inner side of scallops :)


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