Brown Tweed and Brown Italian Leather Dinosaur Inspired Mommy and Me Custom Jackets and Coats
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Every year I make "Mommy/Auntie and Me" jackets for my nieces. This is a project from a couple years ago.

Making matching jackets with my nieces has become an annual tradition. This year Gigi requested a dinosaur jacket. This was a tall order especially since bomber jackets with dinosaur appliqués was not an option. Therefore I had to be a bit more creative with the limited materials and time I had available.​

I decided upon burnt orange/brown tweed wool with sequins, which remained from a previous purchase in NYC. I also chose cherry brown genuine leather, charcoal wool, and dusty rose silk (for the lining).

There wasn’t time to create original jacket design for myself, so I used a Burdastyle pattern from a previous project, (see navy wool and leather jacket here). The jackets are for my 3-year old nieces: Gigi and Pup. But my 1-year old niece Ivanna is modeling Pup’s jacket in the photos.

The original plan was to sew a pleated leather ruffle around the neck and down the front to replicate the look of one of Gigi’s favorite dinosaur figurines. But I scratched the plan when I realized the leather ruffle was too thick and could only be one-sided. I ultimately used some charcoal wool scraps (leftover from this charcoal wool and leather jacket) for the collar, ruffle, and cuffs. Despite it being a pain to sew by hand as machine, I did add a leather ruffle to one cuff. A necessary addition not only because it gives the jacket balance, but more importantly “it’s dinosaur skin”.

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