Candy Hearts Ornaments and Wind Chime
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Use your heart shaped molds to make big candy heart ornaments and a wind chime!  Watch the short video tutorial here:


  • Americana Decor Chalky Finish in Innocence, Delicate, Remembrance and Refreshing
    Heart molds
    Plaster of Paris
    Wire cutters
    12" piece of wood molding

    6 years ago
  • Cut 4" long pieces of wire and bend them in a "U" shape with curved ends
    Mix water with some plaster of Paris
    Fill the molds about 1/2"
    Place the "U" shapes in the plaster and let dry
    Remove from the molds and paint with chalky finish

    6 years ago
  • Mark every inch along the 12" piece of molding
    Drill holes where you marked
    Paint the molding and let dry
    Arrange your plaster hearts
    Cut ribbon to the desired length
    Thread the ribbon through the holes and tie the hearts on each end
    Add ribbon to the holes on each, tie in a bow and hang

    6 years ago

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