Clearly Killer Octopus Necklace
by Patti Robinson Follow

I made this necklace for the Sheer and Clear Friday Challenge.


Choose your recycled plastic

Choose your recycled plastic container. (#6 only, check the recycling symbol). 

Cut the recycled plastic

I used scissors to cut the plastic and a 1/4" punch to make the holes in the tentacles. I made the hole in the circle/top freehand with a utility knife. The circle is approx. 3" across and the tentacles range between 3" & 2" before baking. They will shrink! Remember Shirinky Dinks? 

Bake your recycled plastic

Bake in an oven or toaster oven set at 250 for approximately 5 minutes. You'll need to watch it bake and remove when it has shrunk and stopped curling. For this project you will wear gloves (leather is good) to encourage the plastic to curl the way you want it. Dome the circle a bit and twist the tentacles.

Attach jump rings and chain. Done!

Push your chain through the circle to form a loop. Attach a 6mm jump ring on each of the tentacles. Attach each tentacle to the chain. Pull the chain up through the hole. Your're done! Bring your necklace to the beach or wear it while you watch something beach themed on Netflix. 

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  • TheMissLinds commented 5 years ago

    wow how did i miss this! awesome necklace Patti!

  • Max of Moxy Metals commented 6 years ago

    Careful guys!  I'd get a separate toaster oven or a heating gun for heating plastics.  Most plastic containers leach carcinogens at 230 degrees farenheit, and reach melting temperature at 250 degrees.  Always work with plastics and heat in a well ventilated area, or with a respirator.  Over time exposure to heating plastic is a known carcinogen and allergy inducer.  Remember, any time you're working with a chemical with which you are unfamiliar, you can look up the Material Safety Data Sheet.  Just google MSDS for the material you're using.  The image above looks similar to acrylic sheet, which you can buy in NYC at Canal Plastics, and which has standardized melting temperatures to help make sure you don't expose yourself to carcinogens.  I'd suggest working with welding gloves, and investing in a heat gun and safety goggles to allow you to bend without heating the plastics in your oven that you use for food.

    Patti Robinson replied 6 years ago

    I have 2 of everything I craft with (sourced from yard sales) toaster oven, iron, blow dryer, crock pot, electric frying pan. And always good ventilation, outside is best when working with plastic/heat (unless the weather is like today!)

  • Nora commented 6 years ago

    Ha, so smart. I first saw your project on the overview page and thought it's some kind of glass. Never thought this is possible with simple plastic. Very cool.

  • Cina Rosen commented 6 years ago

    Wow! This is super cool. I love that you made it from a recycled container! This could even look good in colored plastic. I made a clear satchel bag for the Friday Challenge. Check it our here

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