Clothespin Dyed Dress
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I made this dress with a light 100% rayon - I dyed it using clothes pins and a cold water Procion red dye - it was super simple (as you can see from the process pic) but I love the result! I have been living in big, airy dresses this summer to survive the heat so I just rough cut the pattern from a couple dresses I already own.  It's hard to tell but the bottom is gathered where it meets the top - I also left the back open with bias tape finished edges and while debating over which button closure I liked best I realized I actually loved the drape it made when I just tied the two corners together, it might be cheating but I do like the shape it gives the back!

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  • Meg commented 7 years ago

    great dress!

  • Izzy commented 7 years ago

    Hey! We love your project so much that we featured it on the HP banner! Congrats! :) 

  • Natasha Jane commented 7 years ago

    Amazing! I've been playing around with dye lately and would love to attempt this look. Thank you for the inspiration!

    abiah replied 7 years ago

    You should totally give it a go! It's always so exciting to see the results!

  • GeorgiaRose commented 7 years ago

    So cool! How long did you leave it in the dye for? 

    abiah replied 7 years ago

    Thanks! I only left it in the dye for about an hour - I know I probably should have left it in longer buttttt I usually just can't wait to see how it turns out!

  • vvonder commented 7 years ago

    So beautiful! I'm so big fan of your dyeing experiments! 

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