Crochet Long Beanie
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A chrochet Long Beanie experiment to celebrate fall.

(Unfortunately the yarn was probably a little too thick and the Beanie is not falling nicely in the back. For a bloody beginner project it is okay, I guess ^.^)

UPDATE: There is nothing wrong with the Beanie, I was just too stupid to wear it correctly :D A friend of mine really liked the crochet hat and asked me if she could have if I was so unhappy about it. She put it on and I was quite surprised since it look on her like I expected it to look in the first place. Anyway, now it is hers and I maybe will crochet another one for me sometime. 

Since the yarn is so thick,  the Beanie will keep me warm in bright fall colours in the coldest winter!

I still struggle with sewing in the loose ends at the end in a way that they stay invisible -_-

I chrocheted 20 rounds with a 8 mm hook.

Colourpattern: 3-2-3-2-3-1-3-1-2

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