Cross stitch for the Guest Room: "Home is where the WIFI connects automatically"
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Cross stitch isn't something I do a lot of and have barely touched since I was a kid - but when I saw this design at work I had to have it!!

I remembered how relaxing it was to work the stitches, except of course when I realised I'd made an Errol (My Nana's word for error.). Still, fixing Errols is part of the mediation... right?

The only difference I wanted to make to izacless' design was to add our WIFI password. What better way to make a guest feel at home than for them to continue their nightly phone-checking routine? hehe :)

I wanted to see if our first guest would figure out that the little text underneath was actually our password, but Sweetheart couldn't help himself and told them when he showed them to their room. Aww... ♥

More info on my blog :)



  • All about getting the borders and spacing down so I can adjust the bottom border to fit my password addition :)

    Would you like to buy a vowel?

    7 years ago
  • Nailed it!

    Wrinkly goodness!

    7 years ago

Discussion 2

  • Morgan commented 7 years ago

    Thanks! I agree :)

  • Close Knit - Ani commented 7 years ago

    So great! Love the modern take on a traditional craft :)


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