Crystal Ball Jewelry
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Grow your own crystals to make magical crystal ball jewelry!  Watch the short video tutorial here:



  • Borax
    Food coloring
    E-6000 Glue
    Glass globes (
    Globe caps
    Pipe cleaners
    Glass jar

    6 years ago
  • Cut 1" long pieces of pipe cleaner
    Tie each piece to a piece of 8" long thread
    Tie the thread to a chopstick
    Mix 1 tablespoon of Borax per cup of boiling water
    Stir in food coloring if you want
    Dangle the pipe cleaners inside of the Borax mixture making sure they don't touch the glass

    6 years ago
  • Remove your crystals after about 6 hours
    *The longer you leave them in, the larger they grow
    Make sure they are completely dry
    Fill your glass globes with the crystals
    Add the globes to a ring or globe cap with E-6000 glue

    6 years ago

Discussion 1

  • Beth commented 6 years ago

    My pipe cleaner pieces won't sink. They are floating on top of the water. Hmmmmm


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