Daisy Kiss Pinch Purse
by Sew Silly Lily Follow

I've been playing around over the holidays and have a simple collection in my head for the spring (I have my first craft show in March). I've always fancied a go at making a wee purse so hopefully this one works out.  



  • It took quite a while to decide how to decorate the purse. I played around with mini roses, buttons, simple embroidery . . . but settled for a wee daisy with button and leaves in the end.

    Kiss Pinch Purse in Scarlet/Antique Mauve/Pale Green

    4 years ago
  • KIss Pinch Purse in Dark Teal/ Plum/Olive

    4 years ago
  • Kiss Pinch Purse in Cherry/Raspberry/Curry

    4 years ago
  • Kiss Pinch Purse in Poppy Rose/Sable/Willow

    4 years ago

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