Dear Stella, Let's stop and smell the flowers
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I saved the best for last for my final Dear Stella/Kollabora project.  This fat quarter is my favorite out of all of them and I knew it had to be incorporated into clothing somehow.  It's the summer floral from the Clementine collection.  The main fabric used is a peach cotton poplin from Mood Fabrics that's been in my stash for quite some time.  It was a match made in heaven!

What you need:

  1.  Pattern: Colette Sorbetto, free download
  2.  Main fabric and a contrasting fabric
  3. Premade bias binding or make your own

To make the contrasting front pleat I first marked a line on my pattern 5/8in on the right side of the pleat (see pics above).   I placed this on the fold of my main fabric and cut.  I then cut that piece in half on the fold.  Next I marked a line 5/8in on the left side of the pattern pleat.  Cut this on the fold of the contrasting fabric.  You will now have 3 pieces for front of tank.

For the back contrast piece...  Find where you want your contrast piece to end on the back of your shirt mark a line this will be the line you cut your main fabric too.  From that line mark another line 5/8 inches away (going towards bottom of pattern).  This will be where you cut your contrasting fabric.  Hope that was clearer than mud.  See pictures.

Attach your two front pieces to the contrasting piece, right sides together and sew 5/8 in seam.  I serged my edges for a neat finish.  I finished my two back pieces in the same manner.

Now assemble your shirt following the pattern instructions.  When it's time to form your pleat you will want to match up your seam lines on your contrasting fabric and make sure your edges are enclosed inside the pleat. See pictures.

I made my own bias tape using the green dottie from the Clementine collection.  I chose to have it exposed.  I really like the way this top turned out.  It's fun, summery and the fabric breathes easy on hot days.


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