Decorative and Useful Knot Work
by David Hopper (Stormdrane) Follow

I've uploaded a sampling of my photos of some projects I've done.  I started blogging about my hobby with decorative and useful knot work back in April of 2005, on 'Stormdrane's Blog'. My knot tying background goes back to my days in the Boy Scouts and growing up an Army brat.

There are informative links throughout my blog for online resources and books that I've learned from, and I've posted some tutorials, photo collages, and descriptions in some posts.  I have a YouTube channel and some tutorials on the Instructables site, and some more photos on flickr.

A lot of my tying deals with EDC(Everyday Carry) type items:  flashlights, knives, keychain gadgets, gear and gizmos, etc...

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