Dip 'n Dye Pine Cones
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Bring autumn into your home with these cool pine cones!
It's fun to collect pine cones from the forest and use them for decoration in your home.
I painted pine cones in bright neon colors. Want to know how I made these?
You can read it down below.

What do you need:

  • dry pine cones
  • white acrylic paint
  • colored acrylic paint or spraypaint
  • brush
  • plastic surface (like a plastic bag)

Paint the whole of the pinecones with the white acrylic paint. Allow it to dry on a plastic surface.
If the white paint is dry you can get started with the colored paint. Paint the pine cones with the colored paint, but still leaves a bit of white. So you get a pretty ombre effect. You can also use spraypaint.
Present the painted pine cones on a beautiful plate. Or make a nice garland by lacing them together on a string.

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