DIY Christmas Ornaments
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Since becoming a “big girl,” I have bought a Christmas tree once and it happened about a week ago.

I’m all for Christmas – holiday scented candles burn throughout the year in Chateau Madalynne and holiday tunes, including N’SYNC, start playing on June 1st. By this time every year, I’m a full-fledged bundle of holiday everything, except décor, and it’s because I’m still a youngster (twenty-five-years-old) and the memories of Christmas before I moved out of the home I grew up in are still fresh. I hesitate to decorate because I don’t want to tamper with those memories. In a sense, if I don’t decorate, I’m still living at home. I’m still a child. Kind of.

I received an email about a month ago from Kelli of True Bias inviting me to join an ornament exchange. After reading the email, my mind instantly recited the Toys R’ Us jingle – “I don’t wanna grow up, I’m a Toys R’ Us kid…”  but looking at the roster of participants and considering my age, I decided to give it a go. So, over the past month, Sonja (Ginger Makes), Mika (Savory Stitches), Suzanne (My Beau Baby), Miranda (One Little Minute Blog), Megan (Megan Nielson), Jen (Grainline Studios), Dixie (Dixie DIY), Lizz (A Good Wardrobe), Kelli (True Bias), and I have been secretly crafting holiday ornaments for each other. Today, I show you how I made my ornaments, tomorrow, I will send each one of my ornaments to its new home, and in a couple of weeks, I will post a recap with photos of my tree with everyone’s ornaments in it. Tis’ the season for giving!
Kelli… thank you for putting together a wonderful collaboration.I’m glad you pushed me to grow up, although I’m still am and always will be a Toys R’ Us kid!


STEP 1: Coat ornaments with rubber cement. It is recommended BUT NOT NECESSARY to roughen the surface with sand  paper as it will help the glue absorb to the glass

STEP 2: Start wrapping yarn around ornaments in a circular motion so that all areas are covered EVENLY

STEP 3: Wrap some more

STEP 4: When no glass is VISIBLE, wrap the yarn around the shaft of the ornament once or twice

STEP 5: Remove tab at top of ornament and insert yarn into the opening, making sure the yarn is pulled tightly into the opening

STEP 6: Put tab back on to close opening

STEP 7: (not shown): Use cotton twine to make an ornament hook. Ornament hook length is approximately 2″-3″ and is tied in a bow to secure (see picture above)

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  • The Bushcrafter commented 7 years ago

    So soft colors. would look lovely in the christmas three!

    Maddie replied 7 years ago

    I was thinking about these ornaments this morning. Can you believe the holidays are coming up?

  • Maddie commented 7 years ago

    I did win Carol! Thank you! It was a great way to start Friday and I'm excited to get started on some new projects!

  • sally commented 8 years ago


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