DIY embroidered T-shirt
by Sarah Follow

I've seen embroidered T-shirts pop up everywhere and I had a go at it. It's so easy to make it yourself! And much more personalized. Try it!


  • All you need is:

    a T-shirt
    a pencil
    a fabric marker (that disappears after a while – it’s magic!)
    a needle

    First you need to make a template of the words you wanna use. I chose the quote “chase the sun” – perfect for my summer holidays!

    Place the paper under the T-shirt and trace the letters with the magic marker.

    Now stitch the the words with a backstitch. If you don’t know how to do it, here’s a greatyoutube tutorial.

    And voilá! There’s your new T-shirt!

    Find more images on the blog!

    5 years ago

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