DIY Floral Headband w/ Handsewn Flower
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I absolutely love creating floral hair accessories and have found such a beautiful and simple way to create handsewn flowers using a variety of fabrics.  For this DIY Headband I headsewed a purple flower and then securely attached it to plain silver metal headband.  I chose to attach the flower to a metal headband found in a craft store, but the possibilities are endless.  You could use a vine wire headband, a fabric head-scarf, or even attach the flower to a pin or hair clip. For my ideas check out my etsy store: The Bread and Butterfly.

To create the flower please refer to image with boxes labeled 1-6 as reference.

1. First, choose a fabric and cut out squares of two different sizes.  The larger size can be about 3"x3" and the smaller size 1.5"x1.5".  I cut about 8 squares for each size and also included some white tulle squares (not shown) to mixup with the purple.

2. Next, while keeping a pin in the center of the squares to hold them in place, cut the squares into a floral shape.

3. Laying the larger floral shapes down first, overlay them so the petals do not match up perfectly.  Then lay the smaller sizes on top.

4. With a needle and thread, sew through all the layers of fabric a few times and ending in the back.

5. Then, fold the flower in half and sew through the center a few times.  Carefully unfold the flower and then refold in the opposite direction.  It will get slightly tougher to sew through so use a thimble if necessary. 

6. After tying off the thread, open up petals and reshape into flower!

To attach the flower to a headband, pelase refer to the next image.  First, with a needle and thread I sew the flower onto the headband, slightly off-center.  Next cut out a small circular piece of felt and use a glue gun to attach the felt onto the inside of the headband to firmly secure flower in place. 

Please take liberty in customizing this project in any way you wish!  Experiment with different fabrics, colors, and bases for your headband.  Happy sewing!!

Discussion 3

  • Maria Regina Guimaraes Mendonça commented 8 years ago

    CarolynM, seu trabalho é muito bonito!!!  Parabens!

  • CarolynM commented 9 years ago

    thanks! yea what I love about this project is the endless possibilites to customize it. I love glitter too!

  • Susan Juvet commented 9 years ago

    Very cute. Would love to try this for a New Year's party look with some glitter added in!


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