DIY Garment Rack
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I inherited an ugly PAX wardrobe in my bedroom when I moved in. Not only was it taking about 1/3 of my bedroom space, but it had closet door mirrors that made me think of living in Tony Montana’s house. I’m also secretly freaked out by sleeping infront of mirrors (don’t ask me why). I’ve always wanted a garment rack but felt that the ones from department stores were just too flimsy. I once bought one from Kmart that cracked under pressure in a day. I went to Ikea the other day and they had some pretty decent ones that would hold all the weight of my clothes but still didn’t really speak to me (not that clothing racks should speak).

I did a little research online and saw a few DIY projects.. I think I was blessed and cursed to live close by to Home Depot, so I got my supplies, making sure they were all black so I didn’t have to spray paint them and headed home.

I was really worried that it would topple over since my floors are uneven, but so far it’s held up pretty nicely. However I think I’m exchanging the 46 inch pipe for a smaller 36′ rod and adding a stabilizer at the bottom, just to reassure that it’ll hold itself upright. To do that all I would need is another pipe for the bottom, 2 more tees and 2 1″ nipples for the bottom. Also, I made my rack using 1/2 diameter pipes, but can be easily substituted for 3/4 or 1 inch pipes. There’s so much freaking room now!

PS – I took of the stickers.

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