DIY Hand Carved Cat Stamps
by Becky Helms Follow

A fun hand-carving project so you can stamp a cat on everything you own. #putacatonit



    • First, you want to transfer the design onto the block.  Start by taking your pencil and tracing on top of the black line of the design.
    • Flip the design over and use the handle of your carving tool to rub over the design.  Be sure to hold it in place so it doesn't scoot around.  When you take it off, you'll see pencil has rubbed off on the block.  Magic!
    • After that, I like to trace over my pencil rubbing with a sharpie, just so I don't get lead on my hands while carving.  If you're using a colored ink to stamp with in the end, but sure to take off any excess Sharpie ink before stamping.  I learned that the hard way when stamping our wedding invites a few years ago.  Womp womp.
    • Then, get to carving!  I like to make my initial cuts around lines so the whole design is outlined, then go back in and carve the bulk of it out.
    • Cut your stamp out with regular craft scissors and you're done!  (If you're feeling sassy, you can glue the stamp to a wooden block and look like a pro.)
    9 years ago
  • This pattern is for personal use only and cannot be sold or altered in any way.  Thank you!

    9 years ago

Discussion 2

  • TheMissLinds commented 9 years ago

    this seriously makes me so happy! want to kitty stamp all the things!!

  • Fickle Sense commented 9 years ago

    Cool! love the design and step by step instructions.  I bought this kit for my sister for christmas. Hopefully it works out as good as yours!


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