DIY Paper Earrings:How to make Quilled Hoop Earrings
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Hey people! I love paper jewelry.  Learn with me  how to make beautiful Quilled Hoop Earrings.These lovely quilled hoop earrings can take your fashion statement up a notch! paper quilling patterns and quilling designs can be altered as per your taste and preference.

It always feels good to take up some DIY Art and Craft Projects from time to time and spend your time creatively. Come let's see how to make these beautiful and pretty Quilled Hoop Earrings!


  • 6 years ago
  • Material and Quilling supplies required to make the Quilled Hoop Earrings:

    Quilling Needle

    Quilling Strips 



    Jump rings


    Material and Quilling supplies for Quilled earrings

    6 years ago
  • To make the quilling hoop earrings begin by joining 3 purple quilling strips together, with adhesive.

    Now apply some glue in the beginning of the quilling strips and begin to wrap it around any cylindrical object.

    Paste the end, to form a quilling ring.

    Quilled Hoop Rings

    6 years ago
  • Add the design to the Quilling Hoop Earrings.

    For this, take a green colored quilling strip and cut it in half.

    Make tear drop shaped coils, with the help of a quilling needle.

    Shape the tip with your fingers.

    Make multiple tear drop shaped coils.

    Tear Drop Shaped Coils

    6 years ago
  • Add the last touch. 
    Place the ring on a flat surface and paste the coils in a designed arrangement in the inner side of the ring.

    Add the jump rings and hooks and your awesome handmade jewelry quilling earrings are absolutely ready!

    6 years ago

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