DIY Pencil Case
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This cute DIY Pencil Case will make the end of summer a littler easier to bear.


  • You're going to need:

    2 toilet paper tubes

    Tape (Duck tape and clear tape)

    Contact paper (Some cute designs are at the dollar tree!)

    Cardboard (A paper plate works too)



    Cut 1 toilet paper tube in half. Tape one of the halves to the other toilet paper tube. Cover the two separate sections of toilet paper tubes with contact paper.

    Roll up a small piece of cardstock and tape it in the longer tube so about an inch sticks out.

    Cut 4 circles in cardboard the same size as the toilet paper tube end. Cover 2 of the circles in contact paper and tape to the ends of toilet paper tubes. Push the other 2 to the bottom of the toilet paper tubes to reinforce it.

    And there you have a DIY Pencil Case! The smaller toilet paper tube is the cover, and the longer one is the storage.


    5 years ago

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  • Peyton commented 5 years ago

    Upload pictures of your finished pencil case below! I can't wait to see them!


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